The Book Of Revelation From Alpha To Omega By Roy Martin Review

The Book Of Revelation from Alpha to Omega by Roy Martin

The Book Of Revelation from Alpha to Omega by Roy Martin The Book of Revelation from Alpha to Omega by servant Roy Martin is an excellent study of the book of Revelation.

He covers the entire book scripture by scripture. He discusses the original words used and how they were translated and in some instances how a different translation might be more accurate.

He discusses the meanings of each scripture as well. He suggests you read the entire book before actually doing the study. That is what I am doing(I’m not quite finished).

I have taken the time to go over some of the scriptures that he uses to clarify(from other scriptures) such as when he mentions the different spirits in Isaiah.

I thought my knownledge of the Book of Revelation was pretty good…but I have learned more from this book. He gets very detailed.

If you are interested in learning about the Book of Revelation then reading this book would give you a great start!

From the back cover :

The Book of Revelation From Alpha to Omega is like no other book you have ever read.

It is a book that will take you through the full spectrum of your emotions. It will make you want to love, hate, fight, and cry—all at the same time.

It reveals the ‘people side’ of the book in the Bible that we call Revelation. Contrary to what you might believe about God, he is people oriented. People are the only creatures that God made in his own image. So it stands to reason that people are dear to God’s heart.

The Book of Revelation From Alpha to Omega is primarily about people. It is about those things that God desires to do for people. It is about those things that people will have to deal with if they ignore what God is offering them.

It is about those things that have happened, will happen, and are now happening to all nations, tribes, and tongues.

It is about the mark of the beast—who the beast is, what the mark is, and the purpose for the mark.

It is about the war being fought in the arena of commerce, a war about which God is trying to warn us in order for us to be prepared. It is like a trumpet calling people to prepare for battle, which destined to be awesome, the likes of which the world has never seen heretofore.

The author of The Book of Revelation From Alpha to Omega realizes that some will disagree with what he has written. He respects your rights to disagree, but he does not offer a refund of the purchase price if you disagree with what he has written.

About the Author :

Roy Martin is a college graduate with thirty-one years of service as an employee with the United States Government, but this is obviously not what qualifies him to write The Book of Revelation From Alpha to Omega. What would qualify someone to write about the very book in the Bible that many people shun, even preachers? The only requirement is that God calls for any task is at God’s discretion. He doesn’t have anyone he depends on to help him make his selections. Roy was leading a Bible study group in his church when someone said they would like to study the book of Revelation. Roy agreed to continue to lead the study group. He did in-depth research and kept detailed notes of what he found. After about six study sessions, Roy said that God spoke these distinctive words to him, “I want you to put this in a book.” Shortly after this, God spoke to him again and said, “the title of this book shall be The Book of Revelation From Alpha to Omega.” What a title! Whenever the writing became very difficult, Roy would remember the title, and it would inspire him to press on.

Visit Tate Publishing to buy your own copy of The Book of Revelation from Alpha to Omega.


  1. The book in question sounds interesting. It sounds like the kind of material I would enjoy as a prophecy student myself. I may not agree with every single thing but I know I would learn something from it. I have read many a books on Bible prophecy some of which I violently disagree with but one thing I cannot say is that I haven’t learned any thing from them.

    You will hardly find a book in the world that will elicit 100% agreement from every one of its readers (that includes the Bible). I offer a prophecy course myself online and I don’t expect anybody to agree with everything.

    I have always taken an interest the the works of others because what I notice is that the little that I learn from the different materials I read makes me more and more qualified to teach the prophetic word and teach it with confidence and authority.

    Teaching the word of God is a great responsibility as in doing so you make yourself the bridge between your students and a proper understanding of the Bible.

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