True Body Facial Soap Review

True Body Facial Soap.

I recieved a two bar package of True Body Facial soap to review. I wanted to try this because it is unscented and deosn’t have a whole list of ingredients.

The soap came in a little pasteboard box that is made in Vermont from 100% recycled materials. I like that!

True Body Facial Soap.The soap is unscented which I like because the perfumes in soap often makes me sneeze and itch.

This soap uses sustainable sources for the cocunut oil and the small amount of palm oil it contains. You can see the list of ingredients and why they are included in it on thier product page.

I have used this soap for a week on my face. It hasn’t made me break out and it hasn’t dried my face out. That is probaby because it does contain shea butter which is supposed to help the skin retain moisture.

As dry as the rest of my body gets in the winter I’m thinking about just useing this as my regular soap. I can’t use soaps with lots of scents or deodorizers added because they do make me itch.

Their regular soap looks pretty good too. They make it without animal by-products or chemical preservatives and it has only 5 ingredients!

If you have been looking for a simple soap without all the extra purfumes and other ingredients added then you have found it!

Their products are available online and at many local stores.

You can “like”  True Body Products on Facebook and follow @truebody on Twitter.



  1. I am not familiar with True body facial soap. But your product description sounds nice. I like a product which has natural ingredients, unscented and its box made from recycled materials. Perhaps I will check out the list of stores to know where I could be able to avail the product, which I could be able to try.

  2. Nice review but you need to use the soap for a longer period of time determine whether there were any advers long term effects.

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