Attending Public Events

Saturday night I went with my husband to the Greene County Republican Partys Lincoln Day Dinner at the Community Center. Please note that we are not Republicans…yet anyway.

My husbands friend invited us and gave us the tickets and we rarely(never?) turn down a free dinner.

I couldn’t understand anything the speakers said. I was too far away from the podium. Since I couldn’t see them lip reading was impossible. And microphones tend to distort sound so much that I couldn’t even tell what songs they were singing.

However the community center gym looked really nice and the place was packed. More than 500 people were there.

They had a silent auction and a live auction and everyone seemed to enjoy that. Whether it actually got them much money I don’t know.

The main speaker was Oliver North. He also did a book signing. He looked good. I have no idea what he had to say though.

So what do I know you wonder?? The dinner was excellent!!

I mean really really good. The caterers served bacon wrapped baked chicken that was really good. The cream potatoes were delicious.  Too bad I didn’t get more of them…I thought about going back for seconds but that just didn’t seem right.

They also had green beans, a small salad, and several cake choices for desert.

It was very well organized too. They had three tables set up for six lines of people and they managed to get all those people served within 20 minutes or so. Maybe less as I wasn’t actually timing them.

I believe it was the Red Goose Deli in downtown Paragould, AR. that did the catering. So if you happen to be in Paragould and are looking for some good food check them out!


  1. I’ll make it a point to drop by Red Goose Deli the next time I visit Paragould.

    On another note, it’s too bad you were not able to take a good grasp on the words of the speakers. I hope that it won’t deter you from attending other functions of the Republicans.

  2. When you can’t hear the speaker at an event like that it’s kind of frustrating. I would definitely voice my concern to those putting on the dinner so they know what to do better next time. I’m glad you enjoyed your meal! I almost always say yes to free dinners as well :)

  3. i feel sleepy on that occasion specially if i can’t hear the speaker, the host must keep tat kind of detail important because it is the mostly reasons why one would like to attend a party like that

  4. I want your speaking engagement to be a huge success! What makes an event productive? The single most important measure is how many new patients did the event generate? Sometimes I listed a number of organizations that will be happy to have you spend an hour when attending the events.


  5. I basically attend on those any public events, but one thing i really hate is to heard any different voice of people out there… i fell like ohhhh disgusting..

  6. Host should not overview the details about the sound system, because what’s the use an attendant attends a party if they cannot hear their host??

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