Fables Of Fortune By Richard Watts

This is a really good read and pretty convincing too. Basically he is saying that rich people have a lot of troubles that you would really rather not have.

He says most folks just assume that rich people are happy people but that in his experience that isn’t true. He has worked with a lot of rich people so probably should know.

I already knew that manageing money wasn’t something I would really enjoy doing but I hadn’t really thought about most of the other problems he mentions.

One problem is that rich people never can be sure if thier “friends” are really friends or are just buttering them up to get some money.

And it seems that being able to buy anything you want…just makes you want more…and eventually unable to enjoy what you have.

I love my yard and my home and my dog…my family. I don’t think I want to be rich if it means that would change.

From the front cover :

Imagine private jets ready for an afternoon flight to New York City for a transcontinental shopping trip . . . luxury yachts circling the globe awaiting their owner’s arrival . . . fully staffed but rarely visited vacation homes throughout the world. The rich live trouble free lives of graceful ease.  Or do they?

In Fables of Fortune, author Richard Watts pulls back the brocade curtain to reveal the precarious path of wanting more.  As the advisor to the super rich, Watts reflects on the reality of wealth and a difficult and heartbreaking lesson:   “The wealthiest person is not who has the most, but who needs the least.

Fables of Fortune
convincingly persuades readers that wealth may be overrated.  Through vignettes based on true stories, Watts reveals the challenges the super-wealthy face, including marriages based on net worth, interfamily inheritance battles, faux friends, entitled children, alienation, and spiritual depletion.

The successes and failures of life inspire the heartbeat of passion and self-actualization. Watts will challenge readers to reconsider key life questions of personal value and discover surprising new answers. Fables of Fortune reveals an honest, comparative, eye-opening analysis for any reader who believes wealth is a rose without thorns.  Read on and gain perspective and appreciation for your own real fortune in life.

About the Author (from the back cover) :

Richard Watts, the founder and President of Family Business Office ® (“FBO”), was admitted to the California State Bar to practice law in 1982 and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School. FBO is a legal and consulting firm that manages the country’s wealthiest families and their family office enterprises. Richard’s families rely on him to oversee family operations and make decisions with them on a daily basis.

Richard is a resident of Laguna Beach, California. His passions include traveling with his wife, Debbie, and family, long board surfing at San Onofre, swimming, skiing and snowboarding in the local mountains, piano, and music composition. He is the proud father of three adult sons; Aaron (wife Rene), Todd, and Russell, and welcomed his first granddaughter, Maclane Marie, in 2010.

Richard has a talent for creativity and will continue writing books in the Fables of Fortune series. Richard is often asked to speak on this topic to business, religious, and charitable groups.


  1. This Fables Of Fortune By Richard Watts looks really interesting and I am sure a lot of people would want to get a copy of this…

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