MamaNYC – Something For Everyone!

Nicole over at MamaNYC offers something for just about everyone.

One of her recent posts was about spring fun activities. Some of her suggestions would be fun anywhere…such as flying a kite, crafting, and gardening. Others wouldn’t work well for country folks like me but if you live in a city then Mini Golf is a great idea!

Another recent post was about spring beauty tips. She says you need to change from dark and dreary colors to bright and warm colors. That isn’t just make-up either but all your accessories! She has a few tips on applying your make-up to look your best.

She has a weekly social media hop you can sign up on to follow and be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This is a great way to find new and interesting blogs to follow!

MamaNYC always has some great giveaways going on too.  Some of the most recent ones were for hair loss supplements, rubbermaid recycling bins, a target gift card, and a Nintendo DS game.

There are also posts with blogging tips and tutorials for using Twitter and Facebook. Her article about the new Facebook Fan pages covers all the basics of changing over to the new Facebook Timeline on your fan page. This is very helpful!

She also does web design and logo designs and has a special rate for fellow bloggers with nonprofit blogs.

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