StoryBranding by Jim Signorelli Review

StoryBranding™ Creating Standout Brands Through The Power Of Story is an excellent book that is easy to understand. Anyone who is creating or promoting a brand should read this book.

This book is about stories and how they can make brands stand out in the crowd.

He talks about what makes a story and why stories are so powerful in connecting brands with consumers.

He talks the connections people form with brands. How it starts off as just knowing the product exists and that is has a certain function. Then moves to knowing all the particular features of a product and from there on into acceptance of the brand.

Only after the cunsumer has gone through all those levels can he form a brand affiliation. Once that happens unless the brand does something really silly…like Coke changing their recipe…the consumer will stick to that brand.

I recognised myself in what he said…I have an affiliateion with Dr. Pepper and Colgate brands for sure. Probably a few others too but those are strong enough that I actually know it…now that I have read this book.

He says that is what brands should be aiming for. And that StoryBranding can help them get there.

From the Cover flap :

Until this book was written, the phrase “brands are stories” was merely a marketing cliché. Having delved into how stories influence our behavior, however, the author asserts that the association between stories and brands deserves far more than that stock phrase.

Among the many books about branding directed toward marketing and advertising practitioners and students, none is like StoryBranding. Modeled after the way stories work, this book provides a unique planning process for creating authentic brand identities. It also reveals a number of concealed traps that other branding approaches often overlook.

Drawing on the persuasive power of stories, the author argues that a great deal of wasted effort is put into creating advertising messages that do too much “telling” and too little “showing.” To help brands resonate with their audiences, the author takes you step-by-step through StoryBranding’s six C’s—a process that shows how to approach the development of all brand communications the way story writers approach their characters, plots, and themes. And with Signorelli’s sample “Story Briefs” and “I AM” statements, brands will surpass traditional creative and brand briefs, achieving a much higher degree of authenticity.

About The Author :

Jim Signorelli is an advertising executive whose career has been spent at major national advertising agencies, including N.W. Ayer, W. B. Doner, Marsteller, Lois/USA, and Frankel & Co. His clients have included Citibank, General Electric, Toshiba, Burger King, Arby’s, KFC, International Harvester, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, McDonald’s, the American Marketing Association, And many others. Jim is the founder and CEO of ESW Partners, a Chicago-based full-portfolio marketing firm. Crains Chicago Business magazine has cited ESW Partners as one of the top 25 agencies in Chicago, and it’s been named to the Inc. 5000 list the last three years in a row.




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