What Is Your Favorite Charity?

Northeast Arkansas Food Bank

When I was working on my post for a charity hop giveaway that will be going live tomorrow night (be sure and come back!) I had trouble choosing which charity to use.

I actaully support several. I used to donate a little bit of money to a lot of charities but then I read an article that says it is actually more helpful to pick just a few you really like.

That way they ones you really like get more support and you end up getting a lot less spam mails (snail and email).

It seemed like a really good point to me. So for the last few years I have supported the Northeast Arkansas Food Bank which helps feed people in Northeast Arkansas by distrubiting food through a network of non-profit agencies and programs. I like this one because it fills a basic need…everyone needs to eat.

Northeast Arkansas Food Bank

I have also supported The Salvation Army. They also feed people but not just in Arkansas. They do many other things as well.  They have alchohol and drug rehabilitation programs too and they have shelters for the homeless. I like that this one is just about everywhere.

The American Red Cross is good too. They are especially helpful in disasters and they help people worldwide.

Other than that I do try to remember to click daily at the Animal Rescue Site to help feed animals in shelters. And I try to support them and Dirks Fund(this is the one in my hop post) with tweets/shares on facebook and twitter as well.

What charities do you usually support? Why do you like that particular charity?


  1. I like Red cross because their program is worldwide. Our donations can bring even in the smallest part of the planet earth.
    It is a great feeling to help those that in needs.

  2. Well I have a lot of charities in my mind when I read your post here…Anyway, I think anything as long as it talks about kids or old ones…

    1. The food banks are for everyone…but it seems that the young and the old are more at risk of hunger than other folks.

  3. I’m very fond of children so I’m thinking of orphanages to give my donations. What’s your priority charity? Thanks for listing them here. I’m also thinking about those mentioned above.


  4. My favorite I am little well its mine. We aren’t 501c3 yet but Baby James Foundation at babyjamesfoundation.org

  5. I don’t really like the charities for helping children who are being bullied. I get the feeling they think: “Well, these poor bullied children need help, but children in Africa who are dying can find some other charity.”. That’s why I only support charities for people who really need money to survive, or who have seen terrible things. Some kid got his ass beaten at school after which he got milk with a cookie, and other children have to work 24/7 in slavery.

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