Going Crazy Wanna Go? Has Gone Blue For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Janet over at Going Crazy Wanna Go? has turned her blog blue this month.

Why would she do that you ask?

She did it to help spread the word about Child Abuse Prevention Month. She wants to help prevent child abuse and educating people about it is one way of doing that.

She is publishing guest posts from people who were abused as children and writing posts about it herself as well.

Some of those posts are really excellent. If you would like to learn about how child abuse affects the person who was abused, then you should read a few of those posts. You will definitly learn something.

One of the best posts is titled Child Sexual Abuse – Who Is The Real Predator? and will make you think and possibly make you very angry too.

You can also read about verbal abuse and the signs of child abuse and how to break the cycle of abuse.

And the month isn’t over yet! I’m sure there will be a few more really good posts as well. Go read them and spread the word!

Help end child abuse!


  1. Thanks you for sharing this. I hope we all can work together to do something good for the children.


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