Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods Review

Michael Angelo's Meat Lasagna

Michael Angelo's Meat LasagnaI had a chance to try some of Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods authentic frozen Italian meals and I jumped at it.

I have tried a couple different brands of frozen  meals but haven’t found very many that everyone in the family likes.

My husband can be pretty picky about some things. He did not like the last brand of frozen Lasagna that we tried.

He did like Michael Angelo’s Meat Lasagna.  He said it had a nice “spice” to it. I’m not really sure what he meant by that…the Lasagna isn’t what I would call spicey.  It does actaully taste like real Italian though. I guess that is what he meant.

The ingredients list says it has Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese and Vine-Ripened Tomatoes.  That sounds really good doesn’t it? It tastes as good as it sounds.

They have a  lot of different frozen meals. They have a Vegetable Lasagna and several different Chicken meals including Chicken Alfredo.

I would have loved to try some of the ones I know my husband wouldn’t like but my local stores seem to only carry the large family size meals. They do have smaller size meals and their site has a store finder so you can check and see what your local stores carry.

I like that these have no preservatives or artificial flavors. Their website says the meals are made from scratch every day and shipped to local stores within 36 hours. That means they are as fresh as any frozen meal can be.

Since my husband actually liked it that means I can stock up on a few meals…and next time I don’t want to cook I’ll have something to throw in the microwave.


  1. Man I am not picky! As long as it is lasagna I am a happy camper. I have this problem with it and that is that I eat about half the pan of lasagna… I think I may have a problem.

  2. Yeah this sounds really nice! I’m glad you shared that Michael Angelo’s brand tastes good. I’ll probably give it a try! Oh, by the way, what can you say about its selling price? Is it reasonable when it comes to the serving you’ll get? Just a thought! Anyway, thanks for the post! Cheers!

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