More Cute Little Fuzzballs

My cute little fuzzball chicks.

I have been looking for an Orpington rooster…preferably a Buff Orpington rooster. I haven’t been able to find one.

So when one of my hens went broody a month ago I decided to get some fertilized eggs to put under her.

Usually when you just get hatching eggs they will be half male. So I was hoping to get a rooster that way.

I ordered six eggs, they sent me 8. They do that in case one or more gets broken in shipping and to help make sure you get some fertile eggs. They can’t guarantee that all of them are fertile.

I now have 4 cute little balls of fuzz running around in the chicken pen. My cute little fuzzball chicks.I would have gotten close ups but mamma chicken didn’t like that. She grew to about twice her size and shook her feathers and made rude noises at me. I ran away of course.

I have no idea how to tell the sex of chicks…not till they get older anyway. So it will be a bit till I know.  I’m hoping.


  1. Aww little baby chicks are just the cutest. I used to have chickens when I was young and my parents had them. I always loved looking at them but they don’t like to be touched.

    1. Well some of them do…you have to do it just about every day though or they forget. The ones I raised myself from chicks don’t mind me touching them…one used to get up in my lap even.

      I haven’t paid enough attention to them lately though. After a bit they forget they used to like you.

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