Family Visiting From Michigan

My husbands daughter and his ex-wife were down here over the weekend visiting my step-son.

We put them on the train back to Michigan at 2 am this morning.

I didn’t manage to get on the computer at all yesterday as we had to take my step-daughter over to her grandparents so she could play in thier swimming pool.

I also ended up teaching her how to make that baked chicken dinner I posted about a few days ago.

Other than that we spent a lot of time driving them around different places, feeding them, and just visiting.

We also went to see The Avengers Sunday afternoon. It is really good. It has some very funny scenes in it. I will have to rent it when it comes out on dvd though so I can have the captions. Theathers are not really good for me as I miss most of the dialog.

Anyway if you were wondering where I have been…I just got busy. I have lots of dishes piled up in the kitchen that need washing right now too. And laundry didn’t get done either…and my email..

So I’m gonna be playing catch up for the next few days.


  1. Thanks for coming back. I am a fan of your blog posts. So, now I am waiting for you new posts.

  2. Your company by their bedside will resonate with them for years to come; and if they pass away, you’ll always have those last days tucked away in your memory bank..

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