Going To Visit New York City?

If you are going to be visiting New York City you should first visit the blog Mama Goes BAM. Even if you are just interested in learning more about the city you should check out her blog.

The Mama behind the blog is a woman born in Canada who moved to New Zealand and has recently(2011) moved to New York.

She often posts about her expieriences there. There is one post that I really liked about her finding a really nice apartment in Kensington Bro0klyn. She has also been posting recently about taking her visiting in-laws around the city. She recommends an excellent sea food restaurant for example(no i’m not telling you-go read her post!)

I really like reading about other peoples daily lives. And her daily life is so different from mine that it is really interesting. She makes living in a big city sound like fun and I have only ever lived in small towns.

She does post other things of course. She has reviews and giveaways too.

She also posts about fitness.  She runs in quite a few races and often posts about those and her efforts to get ready for them.

This is one of the blogs to which I have an email subscription. That is how much I like it. It is a good read. Check it out!


  1. That seemed interesting to me. I will must pay a visit to Mama Goes BAM. Thanks for informing.

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