Grill Charms Review

Grill charms box.

Grill charms box.I recieved a set of Grill Charms to review. I would have really liked to actually use them on the grill.

Since we haven’t managed to use the grill so far this year…that didn’t work out.

That’s ok though. They do work just as well in the oven. You may not need them as much for that normally…unless you live with someone who has allergies. Or a really finicky eater.

But they are useful if you need to fix one serving without all the ingredients that the others have. Or if you are putting different spices on.

Grill charms in chicken.

My stepduaghter is allergic to onion…so I had to fix one baked chicken breast with no onion. The grill charms stuck in the chicken breast marked it so I would know which one it was.

Some  of the company also liked more spicey food than others. Since I cannot handle heavy spices myself it is nice to be able to mark which itens don’t have lots of spices.

These grill charms have serrated edges so you can stick them into the meat…and each one has a little picture on it…so you just have to know which charm you used. The charms with flames on them are for hot items…and ones with peppers are for…spicey items. Then you have ones with pepper and flames…hot and spicey!

I like these things. They are cute and useful too. You can buy Grill Charms for $19.95 and if you use the coupon code “twitter” you can get 10% off!

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  1. You know, not too long ago I would have thought what was the point of something like these. But now that I am dealing with gluten-intolerance and I can screw up in a heartbeat whose serving is whose I can totally see the point. Thanks for reviewing these, I can definitely see them in my future.

  2. Where can we buy these grill charms? It is my first time of hearing them but they look really helpful. Thank you very much for sharing this info.


  3. This is not a new idea just an idea that has come back to the market. I saw stainless steel meat markers at a cookout over 30 years ago. The ones I saw had numbers on them not pictures.

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