HolyClothing Dress Review

I had seen several HolyClothing items on other blogs and loved them.  There were several items I would love to have. So I decided to see if they would let me review one of their items and they said yes!

I was so excited. Then I realized there was a problem…I now had to pick my favorite item.  That was not easy. Deciding to get a dress did make it a little bit easier.

It took me a while to narrow it down to three possibilities :

Kalila Puff Sleeve Lace-Up Victorian Peasant Corset Dress Gown HolyClothing.

The Kalila Puff Sleeve Lace-Up Victorian Peasant Corset Dress Gown 2X,
Catriona Empire Flare Boho Godet Gypsy Peasant Long Dress Gown by HolyClothing
The Catriona Empire Flare Boho Godet Gypsy Peasant Long Dress 2X,
Alyssa Bell Sleeve Gothic Empire Butterfly Dress by HolyClothing.
Or the Alyssa Bell Sleeve Gothic Empire Butterfly Dress Gown 2X.

I love the look of all of these. And they were all available in plus sizes! That is another thing I like about HolyClothing they make clothes that big women can wear.

My hubby finally stepped in and said he liked the Alyssa Bell Sleeve dress the best. So then we had to pick a color. There were  a LOT of options including two different shades of green, a couple of shades of blue, some reds, and black. I ended up picking the green jade.

The dress arrived faster than I expected too. It is shipped from India so I expected it to take a couple of weeks at least but it was here in days.

The material is so soft! I asked my mom to look at it because she used to sew a lot and even worked in a garment factory. She says the material is excellent and that the dress is very well made.  We both loved the design on it.

Alyssa Bell Sleeve Gothic Empire Butterfly Dress Gown by HolyClothing.And as you can see it fit well and actually looked good on me! I tried to get a close up of the design but the pictures came out blurry.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet…I love this dress! And it will still fit me even if I lose weight.

You can find HolyClothing on Facebook too.


  1. I must say that I totally love those designs. It is actually good to know that long dresses that cover the whole body can still make a girl look so beautiful. Girls nowadays tend to think that scanty dresses are what bring out their beauty.

  2. Very beautiful! I’ve wondered what these look like in real life,thanks for sharing!!

  3. I asked my father for one of these dresses for Christmas last year. Just the fact that I wanted a dress says a lot. First I have never wanted a dress and yes I am a female…just more of a tom-boy, but I love their dresses at holy clothing. Then as soon as I got it I found a reason to wear it. I love my dress in fact I am about to graduate from college and not only did I order one to wear under my gown, but I have ordered 2 more for my older daughters. We are also looking to order some later this year so that we can do a little bit of embroidery and wear them to a renaissance festival.

  4. I really am saddened by my most recent experience with Holy Clothing.

    I have purchased Holy Clothing for several years now. In the past I have been very happy with my purchases and even years later they look good.

    Then, this year, I ordered five dresses, which I expected to last me many years as well. It was a big chunk out of my budget.

    After only a few washings, the color started to disappear from the seams, and on the threads of the designs. The threads also have unravelled leaving holes in the fabric so they can’t be worn to anything the involved looking my best.

    When it happened to the first dress, I thought it was an anomaly so I waited. Then it happened to another and another, after only a few washings. Now all five dresses are in the same sorry state.

    I contacted Holy Clothing, and “Jittiporn” responded after several days (my first email was sent Monday and I received a response Saturday). Her only response was that it was their ‘policy’ that ‘defects’ need to be reported within 30 days. End of response.

    My response to her is that I will not go away. The merchandise I received was defective and not even close to good enough quality.

    It is sad when quality deteriorates in any company, both in quality of product and quality of customer service. Sadder still when loyal customers receive shoddy merchandise and are left with no recourse.

    At the very least they should replace the dresses with some that will last more than a month of wearing.

    I have asked that my problem be sent up the ladder and also asked for contact information for Janice Kay the owner and founder. I doubt I will receive any other help. I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

    Oh yes, there is an add on the Internet for workers to work in customer service at Holy Clothing and claims to pay them 17,000+ per WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now isn’t that a red flag?

    Anyone else having similar problems? Contact me at eames@digis.net

  5. I am also having a problem with Holyclothing. I purchased a purple top. Upon arrival, I noticed the top had blotchy appearance with blue, light and dark purple streaks running thru the front and back of the garment. The policy for defective merchandise is to inform Holyclothing who will send an RMA number. Well, instead of that, Holyclothing asked me to take pictures of the defects and email it to them. I do not know how to transfer photos from my IPhone 5 to an email. My USB drive on my computer does not work for synch operations. Instead of finding a friend who will allow me to use their computer, I am not going to waste my time. I emailed Holyclothing and told them there is no statement saying a customer must email a photo of a defect. What a waste of my time. I will no longer be buying anything from them again.

  6. I love their designs, but I am really disappointed with the company. They ignore and delete legitimate customer questions from their Facebook page (but leave comments that are only praise and pictures), and are extremely slow to respond to email questions. They also appear to be extremely slow or negligent when it comes to refunding money for returns. I have never purchased anything from them, but I have seen numerous clients post comments on their Facebook page about asking about long overdue refunds. Of course the comments disappear immediately. And I posted a question to one of their videos, asking if the item was available the way it was depicted in the video (without embroidery) and they just ignored and deleted it. I emailed the company several days ago as well, and even though they are active on Facebook and write comments to people who offer praise, they aren’t returning emails. Extremely disappointing.

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