How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All The Time by Fred Fields Review

How Short Hitting Bad Golfers Break 90 All The Time by Fred Fields

How Short Hitting Bad Golfers Break 90 All The Time by Fred FieldsHow Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time seems to be a great resource for golfers who would like to improve their game.

It has a lot of tips for improving your golf game from the grip and the way you stand to how to think on a golf course.

The author claims that the real reason more golfers don’t play better is that they never learned how to figure out each particular course. He says that knowing how to beat the course,  make the game easier, and remove useless strokes is about half the battle.

Apparently even people who get all the techniques right tend not to think about how the course is laid out and which way would be the best way through.

He also says that since most golfers have no intention of practicing like a proffessional does…hitting hundreds of balls a day…then they shouldn’t expect to be able “aim” like pros either.

I didn’t actually understand everything in the book because while I have watched a lot of golfers…I haven’t ever played myself. But the part I did understand makes a lot of sense.

This would be a really good book to give your dad, grand-dad, or uncle who is into golf, Or any other person who golfs a lot and would like to improve thier game.

From the back cover :

How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time is the basic handbook for beginning golfers, and those golfers who can’t break 100. This book explains in light, easy to read language, what your golf pro may not tell you:

  • A simpler, more natural way to hit the ball

  • And why it works!


I’ll show you not only how to hit the ball, but how to play the game, with easy to learn strategies that will help you shoot lower scores!

When you know what to do, how to do it, and why you do it golf is an easy game!

About the Author :

Fred Fields has been playing golf for over half a century. Formerly a 6 handicap golfer, his age has greatly reduced his driving length. But, using these strategies, he still scores in the 80’s. You can follow @golfprofields on Twitter and “like” WeekendGolfPro on Facebook too.

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