Want To Make Your Own Dog Food?

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There have been a lot of recalls of dog foods lately. And some dogs died a while back from eating bad dog food.

That is enough to make you wonder if you shouldn’t be making your own food. That way you will at least know what it is it. Or more so than if you just buy a bag or a can and hope the company did what they claim.

The folks at Homemade dog food are pretty much convinced that people need to make their own dog foods. They believe that raw foods are best but they also have some cooked dog foods that look good.

If you are thinking about making your own dog food they have an Easy cooked dog food recipe you can use. There is a video showing how to mix it up and all too if you want to watch.

It makes big batches so you do need to have some way of storing it. I don’t have freezer space for that much myself so I would have to cut the recipe in half at least. And they do stress the need to add vitamins to the food when serving.

If you have the time and the space this would be a good way to make sure your fur babies get the best possible food.

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  1. What an awesome recipe.

    One of the best I ever learned is what to cook my dog when she gets sick. Just the right combo of chicken and rice gets her back to playing shape in no time!

  2. I wonder if the state of dog food is really that bad. My dog has never gotten sick from dog food, and he obviously hasn’t died from it either. Perhaps he would like the taste better though, but the little boy eats everything he finds.

  3. I also wanted to make my dog food but its hard to do .. I usually feed it the stuff it likes to eat from the freeze’s …

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