Do You Really Need A Cellphone?

Sitting in the doctors office yesterday there were about 10 people in there when we were and all but 2 of them had phones of some sort.

Most of them seemed to be playing games or checking facebook.

I bought a Tracfone 7 years ago just to have on the road for emergencies. Out on some of these country roads there are not too many houses so you have to walk a ways to find a phone if something happens.

Of course out here people do tend to stop and help if you are pulled over on the back roads but it is nice to have a phone in those situations.

That old phone has just about given up the ghost though. The keys started to stick and my hubby decided we needed a new one.

That old phone was just for calls. All the new phones seem to be internet ready and have cameras in them too. The camera part I really like…I can take pictures for my blog from anywhere!

However it seems to me that people are getting way too hooked on having the internet everywhere these days. The phone was bad enough…people can call you anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

Now you can get on Facebook anytime, anywhere. Or play games or check email. There is even less down time.

No wonder people are so stressed out these days. No one takes the time to just sit and relax or sit and think.

I’m wondering if people are scared of quiet these days. Scared to be still for a bit.

What do you think? Do you have your internet with you all the time? Does it add to stress? Do you ever get annoyed with being accessible at all times?

Do you need a cellphone?


  1. I totally agree! Every year I look forward to going camping where there is no cell service and no internet. It is wonderful! And it is really ironically funny that I saw this post today because my camp is tomorrow!

    Konstanz Silverbow

  2. I sometimes have to just turn my ringer off on my cell phone. If I had a house phone, I could simply be gone from the house and not get calls. It is really hard for me to not answer the phone if I hear it ring, so I have to turn off the ringer when I need some quiet me time. What amazes me is how annoyed people get at getting the voicemail, like you are required to answer the phone at all times.

    That said, my phone is pretty basic compared to most. It does phone calls, text messaging, and has a basic camera, but it does not do internet or any data type stuff.

    1. It is so frustrating to be around people talking on their cell phones. I like peace and quiet!
      I don’t have a land line so my cell phone is my contact to the “outside” world but I don’t use it to access the internet.

      1. I used to say I’d never get a cellphone. Then it became my ticket to freedom when I was taking care of my dad and sister. Without it, I couldn’t have left them alone.

        I said I’d never get voice mail on it. After all, it let me know who called and I never turn it off, just down. Then my kids hit their teens. My cellphone is my business phone now.

        I said I’d never pay for access to the internet… well I still don’t, but after being in hospital for a week… I have a data capable phone now.

  3. We gave up our landline a few years ago and have had cell phones ever since. I’ve been thinking lately about getting rid of them because they cost SO MUCH. We’re paying $120/month for two phone lines, and my husband and I only talk to each other and our parents. It seems like such a waste.

    I can’t decide if we should attempt to live with no phone at all, go to a really basic pay-as-you-go phone, or go back to a landline. I do think people are too dependent on phones. They’re always staring at them and not looking at each other. :-(

    1. Yes that was the case at the doctors office the other day. Used to be you could talk to people while you wait…maybe make a new friend. They were all busy with their phones and didn’t even look at the other people..except for two others who said hi (they didn’t have a phone either).

      That is sad.

  4. We are a “talking society”, for some reason people love to talk on their cells regardless of their expense. Proof: My daughter, sister and a number of other friends who can go on for at least an hour at a time. I don’t do this basically because my ear starts to hurt after a while. But talking has become part of our global culture :)

    1. Yes and if you are talking to someone on the other side of the country that isn’t so bad. But if you are talking on the phone instead of talking to people you could actually see face to face…that is sad.

  5. i loathe cell phones. it truly bothers me to see someone walk around a store, or worse, sitting in a restaurant, with one glued to their ear. we’ve turned into a generation who chooses electronic communications, as opposed to human interaction, to get us through our days. personally, i don’t own a cell phone, i hope i never do, but if that day should ever come, i really hope that i remember all the things about them that annoy me, and use it wisely and with restraint.

  6. I LOVE text messaging. It’s a great way for my kids to send me messages. It saves on long distance charges. I can get a message and respond to it when I’m ready to — unlike phone calls that demand immediate attention.

    I HATE people who text when you’re talking to them. If one of my kid’s sends a message that I have to respond to, I excuse myself and take care of it. I don’t carry on whole conversations via text when I’m with someone else.

    Sometimes I have to hate myself. Sometimes the text thing can be seductive… reeling you into its world. But I really try to remember that I need to practice what I preach.

    1. I’m glad you are trying! Yep seeing someone texting while they are supposed to be talking to you….well it just seems to me they don’t think talking to me is important…that I don’t deserve their attention. In which case I wish they wouldn’t bother at all. Then I wouldn’t know what they think of me…

  7. I really need cellphone for my business. This is the main way to communicate or call my staff. So, I couldn’t function well without my cellphone.

  8. Now that you mentioned it, it is stressful to be easily accessible at all times! Good thing about cell phones is that it really comes in handy during emergencies.

  9. I don’t usually use my cellphone. I just use it if there is an important text my family and friends.

  10. I kinda like the idea of being always accesible. All phones can be put on silent mode, so if I want to relax I just use that. At things like the doctor’s office, I always get bored while waiting. Internet can help ease my boredom :).

  11. I can live without cellphone. Since, I don’t want to text other people so it is okay that I don’t have cellphone.

  12. I only just got a smartphone a few months ago. I don’t have a data plan, so I can’t really use a lot of it anyway – but I like the camera on it. I hate that I can’t even talk to people, though – they just want to text! They won’t even respond back for so long unlike people would before – returning calls in a timely fashion.

    I usually bring a book with me places, in case I am waiting around or whatever. . .or I just stare off in the distance. :)

  13. That’s it, I’m giving up on cellphones for 1 year. My health and life is more important. I went 9 years without a phone. And my sons got me hooked over nite. And the funny thing I really shouldnt even have one cause I have a defibrillator. So since I’ve had this phone for a year it has gotten me addicted to it no more. I’m going back to the oldd ways. “Talk” with my mouth!

  14. I have a cell phone but I never use it. I don’t carry it with me when I leave the house. I use the land line when I need to call someone. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never sent a text message.

  15. I’m like you – I had a phone that was just for emergencies and was fine with that until the cell phone company forced us to upgrade. I had a hard time picking a new phone because I did not want all the gadgets – just to be able to call! I don’t want to be accessible all the time or on the internet all the time! I think it adds stress! Sitting in public places where everyone is on their cell phone just makes me want to start passing out books to give them another option! Great post!

  16. I think cell phones should just be used for emergencies or be banned. They are stupid for anything else. That’s why I don’t have one. They are a waste of money.

  17. My phone makes calls. I spend about $10/month for it. I have internet access at home when I need it. No interest in anything else.

  18. A phone is necessary if you need communication..It was made for connecting people faster and easier..but too much cellphone is bad

  19. I have a cellphone but only use it when there is a need.
    I don’t use it for idle chat.

    People have become so annoying with their phones and talk too loud in restaurants and on the street.
    Those phones pick up very well and one does not need to talk so loud in to them.

  20. Well, I’m 19 years old,and I have a little cheap prepaid flip phone that I’ve been using for awhile. I pay $16 a month for my service, because I never use it.
    I never use it because I’m a proud loner who rarely ever uses his phone. I’ve been thinking about ditching my cell phone lately, but that constant worry is what hinders me from doing so. The fear of being stranded on the road somewhere and the like. I think I will eventually. I wouldn’t mind saving that 16 bucks a month. I’ve done the math,and I’d be saving about $200 in a year based on my average usage. Going cell phone free sounds pretty good right about now, honestly. I just wonder if it’s worth the risk.

    I knew a guy at a previous job of mine that didn’t own a cell phone. I’m also a minimalist,and even though a cell phone adds no complication to my life unlike everyone else, it would be one less thing to worry about,and that’s always great.

    1. Having a cell phone in case you are stranded on the road or something like that sounds like a good reason. And I guess being safe and knowing you can call someone in an emergency adds a feeling of security. That is probably worth $16 bucks a month.

  21. I have mine turned off most of the time, especially on the weekends. I have a land line where I can be reached. I laugh because it gets used as a backup alarm clock more than it does as a phone. Once my contract is up later this month I’m done with it; no more. I love the peace and quiet.

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