Lunch With Family

My cousin called my mom and asked if we all would like to go out for lunch Sunday.

She had actually asked earlier but my mom forgot to let us know.  And of course I wanted to go. I haven’t seen my cousin in several months.

She is always busy with her work or her family and so are we. They live an hours drive away so it actually takes some time and planning to get toghether.

She wanted to go to Red Lobster so that is where we went. It had been a long time since I was in a Red Lobster.

They have changed it a bit. They didn’t have some of my favorite items anymore. I ended up trying a shrimp platter that had fried shrimp, scampi, and shrimp linguine. I did not care for the linguine.

I wish they still did stuffed shrimp or shrimp coctails. My dad used to take me to Memphis for my birthday every year and we would go to Red Lobster. The one down near Graceland.

I looked forward to that all year.  The crhistmas lights were always up at Graceland by then and we could see them as we went past…blue lights lining the long driveway…it was lovely.

Maybe I’m just too old these days? Or have things really gotten worse? It seems like they don’t make things the way they used to….nothing is quite as good as I remember it.

The visit with the family was really good though! We had fun. I’m looking forward to next time.


  1. Lunch with the family, I love those days. I have a great family, unlinke my wife. We always have lunch with my family, and rarely with her’s.

  2. Its scary isnt it, we are all starting to sound more and more like our parents every day. I dont think anything is a good as I remember it, I sometimes do wonder if its all downhill from here!

  3. It is really nice to have a lunch with a family most especially if you and your family have seldom doing this. Indeed, even if I am far with my family I make it sure that we still have time to eat together. It is really great eating together with your family.

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