Never Going To Be A Great Cook

Remember my post about The Lazy Gourmet? And my post about the kitchen pantry?

I was all gung ho about getting stuff for my kitchen and learning how to really cook.

My kitchen now has a lot of items it didn’t have before…like a pizza cutter and grater and different kinds of vinegar and even olive oil.

I have even used some of that stuff. But it has become clear to me that I will NEVER be a gourmet. And probably never a really good cook either.

I just don’t have the enthusiasm, or even the interest it would take to be really good. I love reading other peoples posts about cooking and some of the cooking shows on TV are really cool.

The idea of great cooking, and great presentation of course, is really cool…but actually doing it? Unless one of you really good cooks comes to my house to fix dinner someday…it is never gonna happen in my kitchen.

At least not this year. Maybe next year? People do change…

How about you? Do you fix fancy dinners that look great? Have dinner parties that you fix yourself? At what age did you start?



  1. I think it is very apparent on my blog that I am not a fancy chef.

    My problem is that I am a foodie that doesn’t like to cook! lol

    1. Oh yea I love eating it too! It would be great if I could cook it…that way I could always have something good to eat…but I just don’t see it happening.

  2. Like you, I adore the idea of cooking. I have a dozen recipe books and highlight things I want to try. That’s as far as I get, though! I’m not a cook. It’s just not going to happen. Maybe someday things will change, but for now, I’m content just highlighting recipes and collecting pinterest pins for other people to make for me!

    1. Yea I have about 7 recipe books so far. I have only managed to try about 4 easy recipes though.

      That is not gonna stop me from getting more recipe books!

  3. I love the idea of cooking, too. Now that I no longer have teenage boys to feed every day (think”mess hall” cuisine and don’t judge me until you are feeding teenage boys!) I’m beginning to enjoy cooking better meals for just Hubz and me. I cook less–rather than doubling or tripling recipes for a single meal, a regular recipe makes dinner, lunch the next day, and often enough to freeze for a “free” cooking night later. I can now also try new ingredients or splurge once in a while–a steak dinner for two is just that…two steaks, not two family packs.
    Fancy meals? Not unless the somebody is getting married or the boss is coming for dinner! But cooking “small” allows for a little more adventure :)

    1. Yea cooking small is good too. I really hate having food go to waste. My hubby doesn’t always want to eat leftovers.

      I need to learn how to disguise them better.

  4. Great post. We are the same Elle. I really love to eat a lot of foods. In fact, I don’t engage to diet.

  5. Cooking I a pleasure for me and I had to love it since my hubby enjoys the food that I cook myself..

  6. My kitchen has a microwave in it, and a dishwasher. Oh, and of course the telephone book for when I want to order food. I guess I’m not a great cook either.

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