Do You Enter Giveaways?

If you do then you need to make sure to check your email often. And check your spam folder!!

I have run several giveaways lately where the winner did not reply to my email. Two of them I actually emailed more than once. The rules say only one email but I hate having to re-pick winners.

One giveaway I still have not managed to get a winner for. Because none of the winners so far have answered my email!

Now maybe they decided they didn’t actually want this prize (it is a book) but it would be nice if they let me know that. In any case I am on the third possible winner so far and I really don’t want to have to keep picking new ones. So if you have entered any of my giveaways lately please check your email!

The winner could be you!

I have heard from a few other bloggers that have had the same problem lately.

Did everyone go on vacation? Were all my winners in disaster areas and can’t check their emails? Do they not like me anymore??? I’m really starting to wonder.


  1. There are some blogs that require email in each comment, you can always include your email in every comment, not just the first one. While some giveaway hosts may hunt for your email some will not and move along to the next winner.

  2. i can’t understand how you won’t answer a email with a title ” winners” ^^,, pehaps there are on holidays yes but it’s seem that they are a lot of them happening

  3. Do you announce your winners on your website or only send an email to the winner? I wish bloggers would all follow the same format. Some demand the participants check back to see winner’s name and respond….but they probably won’t tell you WHERE they post the winner’s name. Others are nice and send an email! Believe me….if I get an email telling me I won a prize, I respond so fast, it’ll make your head spin! LOL But since I didn’t receive an email from you and I don’t see a winner’s list anyplace, guess it wasn’t me! See ya’ll soon.

    1. I send an email. All of my giveaways say that in the Rafflecopter form if nowhere else. I usually send two emails if the first one isn’t answered withing a day. I hate picking new winners.

  4. *Checks spam folder ASAP*. Didn’t get an email :(. Maybe I’ll have some more luck the next time I enter a giveaway. It would suck to find out you won after like 5 months or something.

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