Don’t Burn Your Pets Paws!

Dogs paws with burns from hot asphalt.

Dogs paws with burns from hot asphalt.Even though the heat has eased up in some areas it is still important to keep your pets off the sidewalks and roads during the heat of the day.

Especially if the road or sidewalk is in full sun.

Some roads get hot enough you can actually fry an egg on them and they WILL burn your pets paws.

If you don’t believe this then go out there and take your shoes off and try it for yourself.

If it burns your feet it will burn theirs! And they don’t have any way to tell you so you so you have to be watching out for it.

I have also seen a few stories in the news lately of people leaving dogs and even babies in their cars at the store. Don’t do that!

Even if it isn’t really hot outside it will get hot in a vehicle faster than you think.



  1. OH my gosh that’s horrible! There have been days when it’s too hot to walk on the cement for sure. I always think of my dog’s paws but I’m sure others might not so good reminder!

  2. Living in Holland, I’m not so scared to burn my pet’s paw. I am scared he’ll drown if I leave him alone though, the weather here is horrible.

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