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Scandle® logoI received a Scandle® Body Candle  for review. The scandle was in their Limited Edition Summer Fragrance Coconut Kiss.

My husband opened the package. He does that for most packages…he can’t resist them. He came and told me I had gotten something that smelled really good.

He put it on the table where he could smell it every time he walked by it. He is right too…it does smell wonderful!

Scandle® Body Candle in Ceramic canister.












We followed instructions and lit it for about 30 minutes till it had melted across the top and blew it out.

Scandle® after being blown out the first time.

Then of course I used it on my husband! I poured the melted lotion in my hand and it was just warm enough to feel good. These candles burn at only 2 degrees above body heat so the lotions doesn’t get really hot.

My husband said it felt wonderful! He got his legs massaged after a hard days work outside and he loved it. He still liked the smell afterward too.

I also used some of the lotion on my elbows. It does feel good and it rubs in well so it didn’t feel sticky afterward. It was really nice.

Scandle® Candles are made from 100% natural ingredients, and the ceramic canister is refillable so after you use the first one you only have to buy refills!

They recommend you not allow children to see you pour the lotion into your hand because they will think they can do that with any candle and will end up getting burned.

For more information or to order visit You can follow @ScandleCandle on Twitter, or “like” Scandle Candle on Facebook, and follow Scandle on Pinterest too.


  1. Hi Elle, thanks so much for the “glowing” review and appreciate the feedback on our product. Sounds like your husband has developed a “healthy” addiction to our Scandle Body Candles, as well as, massages from you…make sure he’s giving as well as receiving!;) Good luck to all of your contestants! Christine

  2. I don’t really have patience for a lot of body care stuff, but I’ll try this one out. Also, I think it’s good they warn you not to use it in front of children. My nephew once tried doing this with a candle, but we could stop him before he burned himself. Not so sure if he seriously saw someone using a body candle though.

  3. I have tried it before and love it. It doesn’t burn but just has the right amount of heat.

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