Did You Know These Eye Facts?

7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes infographic.

I like this Infographic from Lenstore.co.uk. It has some interesting facts in it. The only one I already knew was that 20/20 vision means my vision is “normal”. Which is funny because the way people usually say 20/20 it seems like it should be something special.

7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes infographic.

I had no idea that having blue eyes meant that I shared an ancestor with every other blue eyed person in the world. That is pretty neat…means I’m actually distant kin to some of you guys!

I didn’t know that you blink less when you are reading either. So that’s why reading too much at one time without a break can make me feel worn out. Now I know to take more breaks!

There are some other great eye facts in the full article.



  1. wow… interesting facts !! I’ve heard that Men are able to read fine print better than women… its kinda partiality with men :P

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