Family And Fences

Today is the first day I have been home in several days.

We have had to help my husbands Dad with his yard work. He is 86 and starting to slow down a bit.

And his riding lawn mower had to be put in the shop. So his yard work got behind.

My husband cut a tree down and piled the wood up while I did some weeding.

My father-law got his mower back yesterday and did a bit of mowing too. As long as he is on the riding mower he is ok but walking up and down the hill there isn’t something he should be doing at all.

He takes tiny little steps out there and it always looks as if he is about to fall. If he ever does fall and break something that will be the end of him most likely. At least the beginning of the end.

Today we are home but have been outside working on a fence for my chicken run. I want to let the chickens have the run of the whole yard but there are too many dogs around. So we need to put fence up to keep the dogs out.

Tomorrow we go back to my father-laws to do weed-whacking and maybe dig up some stumps.

After that I should be home for a bit to catch up on my blogging and housework.  The dust is getting pretty thick around here.

Want to come help?


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