Leadocracy by Geoff Smart Review

Leadocracy by Geoff Smart cover picture.

Leadocracy by Geoff Smart cover picture. Leadocracy: Hiring More Great Leaders (Like You) into Government by Geoff Smart is a book about leadership, government, and how to get the two together. The book is easy to read and his argument is easy to follow.

Geoff Smart says that the only way we can get government to work the way it should is if we can persuade our best leaders to enter government.

By our best leaders he means people who have succeeded in leadership positions in business or corporations. People who already know how to lead and have proven that they can do it well.

He isn’t saying they should all run for an elected office although he doesn’t rule that out.  He says there are many jobs in government that don’t require being elected and great leaders could make a huge difference in those positions.

He makes a very convincing case!

From the Front Cover :

Do you think your life will get better in the future?

Geoff Smart had some doubts. He saw what you see—how broken government has become. He worried about his career, his family’s future, and our everyday quality of life.

Then one day, Geoff received an unexpected message that changed how he saw the problem.

Geoff was asked to help. His journey took him behind the scenes to work with other private sector leaders who had made the leap into government. What he discovered will surprise you.

Leadocracy will tell you
•    Why great leaders avoid government
•    How the “3 As of Leadership” can help us identify, hire, and become better leaders
•    How we can avoid nonleader candidates like the Turtle, Bureaucrat, Screamer, and Idealist
•    How the adrenaline rush of “flow” can offer leaders from the private sector the adventure of a lifetime

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense painted a vision that inspired a generation and changed the course of human history. The movement of our time is leadocracy—government by society’s greatest leaders. Leaders like you.

About The Author :

Geoff Smart is chairman and CEO of ghSMART, a leadership firm. He is a bestselling author, and serves as founding chairman of SmartKids Leadership Program and The Leaders Initiative.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and took away several action items that I plan to implement and act upon within my Village. This book should be a “must-read” for every influential resident leader who cares; in every State, County, Township, City or Village across the USA. These are the areas where leadership positions need fixing through elections or volunteerism if there is any hope that the top of the house can fix the many issue facing our nation.

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