Moving Chickens To A New Coop

My chickens in their new yard.

My chickens in their new yard.We moved our chickens last night. They had been in a fenced area behind my dads shed.

We separated the original hens from the game hens last year because the game hens were pulling the feathers out of the buff hens.

Then this year we had to get rid of the  game hens because we couldn’t keep up with so many chickens. Feed costs are going up too and we need to economize.  We kept the original three and the ones I raised from chicks.

So we had an empty coop and my grandmother’s old metal carport along with lots of old fencing just lying around. We got my dad to use his tractor to move the coop closer to the house. Then moved the carport in front of the coop to give them a shady and dry area.

Fenced the whole thing in to keep the racoons and possums out(at least I hope it will).  We also fenced in part of the yard around it which should help keep unwelcome critters out, including neighborhood dogs. We might be able to let them free range during the day.

Then last night we moved some feed and water into it and waited till after dark. The girls were all cuddled up together at first which made it easy to pick them up for the move.

The older hens had been moved before and didn’t mind much but the two young ones were seriously upset about it. The little one was making so much noise I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police.

The coop area is much larger than the old space they had and it has some grass in it. This morning they having fun eating grass and chasing bugs.

It got hot later though and I put some water out on the ground for them and they were cooling off in it when I went to take a picture.


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  1. My grandfather used to have chickens. He’s too old to take care of them now, but when I was young I sometimes helped him take care of the chickens. I loved those animals :).

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