Quest, Inc. By Justin Cohen Review

Quest, Inc. cover picture

Quest, Inc. cover picture Quest, Inc. was a fun read. The characters were very likeable and real. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with them myself.

The character I liked most was named Robert and is a weight loss and fitness “guru” who got fat and lost everything and then with the help of his friends got fit again.

After helping Robert get his act back together they form a company to help people figure out what they really want and how to achieve it.

Their new company is being investigated by a reporter who thinks they are really just scam artists.

In the course of the story you read about several different people they try to help. Some they are successful with and some they are not sure of, and some they fail.  You learn a lot about how personal development works just from reading this story.

I really liked it. You can read an excerpt from the first chapter if you would like to check it out : Chapter 1

Check out this  neat video trailer too:

Book Summary :

The World’s #1 Personal Development Agency . . . has to prove it.

What if you brought together five top personal development experts—equipped with virtually everything we know about unleashing human potential—and gave them some lives to change? Could they really coach anyone to lose fifty pounds, fix a broken relationship, or get rich? What would they do for a homeless person, or a pro-golfer trailing at the back of her league? How about taking the racism out of a racist, or turning a hellish employee into a ray of sunshine?

Welcome to Quest, Inc. They say they can change your life. Now, as they’re followed by an investigative journalist from one of the world’s leading news publications, they have to prove it—or be damned as charlatans.

Based on real life peak performance and transformational strategies, you’ll see the highs and lows everyone faces on the road to self-realization—especially the experts. Get ready for breakthrough . . . or breakdown.

About the Author:

Justin Cohen is the author of four books and seven audiobooks. He produced and hosted a television talk show in which he interviewed some of the world’s top experts on success. As a leading authority on personal development, with an honors degree in Psychology, Justin speaks, trains and writes in the fields of motivation, sales, service and leadership. Having spoken professionally for nearly fourteen years, Justin has presented in twelve different countries, and in virtually every industry, to an average of ten thousand people annually.

You can visit Justin Cohen on his website, Facebook, or Twitter.

This post is part of a Tribute Books Blog Tour and I did receive a free pdf copy to read and review. If you would like to check out the other blogs in this tour visit the official Quest, Inc. Blog Tour site.


    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I was experimenting with a TV Drama style with multiple characters and plot lines, would you have preferred less characters and story lines? As I write the sequel it’s useful for me to know reader’s preferences.


      1. I don’t know about Ruth but I liked that there were lots of different characters. I think you had the balance pretty good.

  1. What a thrilling read! It’s contemporary fiction at its best – with the perfect balance between breathtaking pace and acute observation. It’s polished, unselfconscious and unashamedly entertaining writing. It’s like watching a smash hit TV series, except you’re reading!

    1. Monica, now if you were here I would have to give you a big hug! Thank you. My goal is to turn it into a TV series. We’ll soon have what the industry calls a sizzle wheel (a short trailer) to position it to producers. Your comment is fuel for the mission!

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