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Secunia LogoSecunia Personal Software Inspector is a wonderful security program for your computer. I did a review of the older version a while back. The older version still works just fine and you can keep using it if you already have it and don’t want to update.

The newer version –PSI 3.0 is even simpler to use and works faster. It was easy to install as well. I just downloaded the installer and it uninstalled the old and installed the new…easy!

What this program does is make a list of all the programs on your computer and every so often it does a check to see if the version you have is the latest version. If not it will either automatically update(if you set it to) or tell you that your program needs updating.

I love this program. It especially helps with the adobe flash updates. When I do them myself they always seem to mess up but when PSI does them it works just fine.

I like not having to worry about whether my programs have the latest security updates. And not having to open each program and update it separately.

For more information you can also read this PCMag article.

You can visit Secunia on Facebook and Twitter too.

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  1. I’ve always researched on the best software to keep my laptop secure when I was still using a PC. Good to know about Secunia. :)

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