DynaZap Extendable Insect Zapper Review

Dynazap extendable insect zapper

I received a DynaZap Extendable Insect Zapper to review.

Dynazap extendable insect zapperAs you can see from the pictures the handle extends for up to 3 feet.

It came with two batteries in the package so all  I(my husband) had to do was open it up and put the batteries in.

My husband did that because he just couldn’t wait for me to get around to opening the package and once he saw it what it was he wanted to use it.

I have had the zapper for about 5 days now and it has killed a few flies in the house and a LOT of mosquitoes.

I took it out to the chicken coop and killed swarms of mosquitoes.  The coop is just full of them. Well it was full of them.

I’m sure it will be again too after a while. Till I take the DynaZap back out there and kill them all again.

This thing works really well and it is fun to use too. I had it zapping skeeters pretty fast in the coop…there were so many all I had to do was hold down the button and wave the DynaZap and skeeters were dying like…well skeeters :p

And the zapper area is so large that isn’t difficult to get flies with it either. They try to fly away and hit the zapper and they are dead.

I really like the safety switch too. It won’t zap anything unless you are holding the button down so you can’t just accidentally zap your husband with it. If he gets zapped he will know you did it on purpose.

This is an excellent product to have. You can get rid of all those West Nile carrying mosquitoes without chemicals!

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