Jeff Gold Music: Tranquil and Relaxing Acoustic Instrumentals

Picture of composer and musician Jeff Gold.

Picture of composer and musician Jeff Gold. Jeff Gold is a composer and musician from California. His music is soothing and relaxing.

The music is acoustic instrumentals from guitars, piano, strings, and flutes and has been used by Wellness Centers, Spas, and Music Therapists because it is so tranquil and relaxing.

He has three CDs out currently. The latest one just came out this year and is called Simple Treasures.

CD cover picture of Simple Treasures by Jeff Gold.


His second is called Escapes  and came out in 2009.

CD cover picture of Escapes Music For Relaxing by Jeff Gold.

The first one Soul of a Mountain came out in 2006.

CD cover of Soul of a Mountain by Jeff Gold.All of them feature comfort music that is great for music therapy, yoga, massage, or just winding down.

If you visit the music therapy page on Jeff’s website you can read about how folks (including his nephew) have used his music to help autistic and other special needs kids.

Those of you with autistic children might find this especially interesting but music is good for anybody! Even deaf people. I don’t usually listen to music with singers because I miss most of it and with hearing aids it often ends up being just “noise”.

He has a page where you can hear some of his music. I checked it out. I’m sure that a lot of it was lost on me…but I did like the feel of it and what I could actually hear of it. I can believe that it would help you relax or even go to sleep if you needed help with that.  Check it out for yourself!

You can also download a song if you want but you do have to provide your email address to do that. There is a video of Spring Green on YouTube too.

Jeff  is very generously giving all my readers a discount of 20% off any of his CDs but you have to order from his website. The code will not work on other sales sites(Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby).

To get the discount just click on the CD cover on his homepage to go his checkout on Bandcamp. It asks if you have a discount code. Just  put in the code “wyrdings” (without the quotes) to get your discount.

You can check out his Facebook page too : Jeff Gold Music

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