Want to See Something Really Weird?

Than all you need to do is check out the new Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Download the Weird. This is the ninth book in their popular annual series.

It is a really big book with lots of big pages. It even has some fold out pages. One of the fold out sections is all about the Titanic with pictures of the ship, some of the people who sailed on it, and some of the items that have been recovered from it.

It has some other really neat items in it such as this owl imprint.

Owl Window Imprint left by powder down.
Sally Arnold from Kendal, England, returned home one day to find a perfect imprint of an owl on her window. The bird had flown into the window and left behind the eerie image—complete with eyes, beak and feathers—before flying off. The silhouette was made by the bird’s powder down, a substance that protects its growing feathers.


There are also a lot of stories about people. Like the story about a 75 year old grandmother who is the oldest competitive female bodybuilder. She looks younger than me!

Of course there are also stories of strange folks like the worlds oddest couple: he swallows swords and other sharp items while she lifts weights with her hair while hanging upside down.

And of course there is the lady with the really long toenails.

Kathy Hayes from Los Angeles, California, has let her toenails grow over a number of years to what is now an incredible length. The anthropologist keeps her 5-in (13-cm) nails in tiptop condition, always polished and painted. Kathy’s devotion to her decorated feet means that she is unable to wear regular shoes; she is restricted to open-toed sandals with platform heels in order to protect her nails.


Another neat thing about this book is that if you download the free Ripley’s Believe It or Not! app you can use an advanced iPod or a smart phone to see bonus content such as videos and images. The book has special oddSCAN logos and all you have to do is point the camera at the logo and the app will download the bonus content. The app will also work in Ripley’s museums.

I love this book. I have always loved Ripley’s books since way back when I was little and it is still just as good. I’m going to keep this book out on the coffee table so anyone who comes by can look at it.

Kids will love it for sure.  And they can learn a lot about all the amazing and weird things in the world.


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