What Does Well-Being Mean To You?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Well-Being Powered by Humana for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well-Being isn’t just aboiut physical health. It is also about emotional and psychological health. It can also include financial health. After all if you don’t have the money to take care of health issues that will definitly impact your well-being.

The nice folks at Humana have created a website called My Well-Being. The site has a well-being assessment you can take. The assessment covers several areas including health, finances, and play. My average was 3.2 and my lowest score was on financial section which sounds about right to me.

You can get a FREE Dummies book for signing up. I chose the Well-Being for Dummies book but they also have Retirement for Dummies and Living the Boomer Life for Dummies.

This site has some excellent articles on health and wellness in all areas. They are articles about debt, retirement, volunteering, and entertaining.

There are also some games you can play. I tried the Memory Matrix which is supposed to help improve your memory and only made it to level 7…so far. Other games are supposed to help improve your ability to pay attention, think flexibly and quickly, and improve your vocabulary. Besides all that…they are fun!

There are also quite a few videos you can watch to learn things such as this one:

About MyWell-Being  on Vimeo.

I really like the iTriage Sympton Checker too. It lets you look up a symtom and find out the possible causes of it.

My Well-Being is a very useful website. You should check it out!

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