Alexa Toolbar And Traffic Rankings

I need help with my Alexa rank. It isn’t low enough!

I applied to review a couple of items lately and the companies told me that I didn’t qualify because my Alexa Rank was too low.

So would you please help me improve my rank? Pretty please with sugar on top! I will even throw in a strawberry on top of that! Cream? Oh and my gratitude of course.

And if my rank actually gets low enough I’ll have some really good items to tell you all about…maybe even a giveaway.

So how do you improve your Alexa Rank? From everything I have read the only sure way is to have visitors who use the Alexa Toolbar.

This toolbar installs into your browser. It works on Firefox, IE, and Chrome for sure. I’m not sure about other browsers.

So would you please go install the toolbar into your browser? And then come back and visit my blog again! I’ll wait.

The way the rank is determined is sort of weird. They rank sites based on relative traffic.  So if the total traffic goes up…but your traffic does not…your rank goes down. Of course if your traffic goes up while the total traffic goes down…your rank goes up! For a better explanation of this visit the Alexa FAQ(it is a really good explanation!).

They only count traffic that has the toolbar installed though. So if you get thousands of visitors that do not have the toolbar…they don’t count.

I want you to be counted!! So install that toolbar!!

And they not only use the number of visitors but the number of pages per visit. So check out some of my other posts too!

Thank you very much. :)


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