Lizzie Borden Related To Famous Ghosts

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I remember reading about Lizzie Borden when I was a kid. And there was a rhyme about her too but I can’t remember the words.

findmypast logoThe researchers at did some checking into her family history and found out that she was related to some famous ghosts as well as being related to the first man in America to be convicted of Matricide.

Some of the ghosts she is supposed to be related are Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln.

You can read the full article for more information : Research Uncovers Evil Runs in the Family of Infamous Suspected Murderer Lizzie Borden.

If you are thinking about researching your own family history they have a lot of tips on how to do it and you can get started building a Family Tree for free.

They have records from Ireland, The UK, Australia, and the US and some others as well.

For more information you can “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Those are the US links…other country links can be found at the bottom of their main page.

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