Looking For A Unique Gift For That Special Person?

Happenstance Hobby

In that case you should definitely check out A Lot Like Gifts.  They make gift boxes. But not your ordinary run-of-the-mill gift boxes.

These are special! They are for everyday occasions like First Dates, Girls’ Night In, and Guys’ Night In. They also make more special occasion boxes like Bridesmaid Appreciation boxes.

Happenstance Hobby

One of my favorites is the Happenstance Hobby box.This would be great to have around for when you are bored and don’t really know what you want to do. You could just go check out your box and try the new hobby! Each box come with the essential items needed for the hobby. And if you don’t know what hobby might work…then you can get a box that contains a variety of different things.

If you don’t want one of the standard Template boxes you can fill your own box with items you choose. Or if there is one or two items in a box you don’t like you can have those removed and replaced with something else.

More items can be added to each box as well. You can choose items from their “Creation List” or if there is an item not listed that you think would be really great…You can contact them about it. They will do their best to get it for you IF it will fit in the box and they can still deliver on time.

One of their suggestions in the customized box gallery is for a Feeling Crappy box. It includes  Chicken Noodle Soup, hand sanitizer, some Kleenex, and vitamin C,  amongst other things.

I think that is really neat! That would pretty nice to get when you have a cold or just don’t feel good.

You can find A Lot Like Gifts on Facebook or follow @ALotLikeGifts on Twitter.


  1. It’s very timely because I am currently looking for something to give to my special someone. How much would it cost for that simple yet unique gift? Thanks for giving an idea here.


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