Mammograms Are Important For Older Women


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The National Cancer Institute recommends that women over 40 have a mammogram every 1 to 2 years because it can help reduce the number of deaths due to breast cancer.  I had been skipping out on this the last few years.

I did have a baseline mammogram done when I turned 40 but had not had one since then. Till last week.

My nurse practitioner scolded me about that and sent me to have a mammogram. She also set me up for an endoscopy of my upper GI because I finally told her about the acid reflux I had been experiencing.

She sent me to the Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould for the tests. Both are outpatient tests. The mammogram didn’t take long at all. Even the paperwork went quick. I got in there and out in 30 minutes including the paperwork. I was VERY happy about that as I had expected to have to wait a while.

The endoscopy did take longer. They did do all the paperwork a couple of days ahead of time on that one and it didn’t take long either. Less than 15 minutes even with them explaining everything and having to go slow because of my hearing problem.

And the actual endoscopy went quick too. The nurses there are very nice and very good at what they do.  They got me in the room and prepped in about 10 minutes and then about 45 minutes later the whole things was done with.

And they results of the mammogram were normal. That was a relief.

Have you had your mammogram done lately?

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  1. Breast cancer is one of the major health threat for the women. If it is checked regularly then we can ensure our safety from this deadly disease. Two years back, I have done my mammogram & the report was normal. but I skipped it last year. But this year I am sure to do it. Thanks for writing on such a good issue.

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