Need Help With a PC or Console Game?

Or maybe you can help others with a PC or Console game? In either case you should check out GamersGlitch.

GamersGlitch is a site for gamers to ask questions about games they are playing and to answer other gamers questions about those games.

There is also a forum for Game Debating where you can argue the merits of particular games or the pros and cons of game design, quest design, or just about anything you care to discuss. One of the open debates is about the Game Boy Advance. Another is about cheating in games.

They have categories for every sort of game from arcade games, PC games, Console games, and general gaming. There are also sections for each type of console and game hardware. One popular category is Modding.

There is also a section where you can download Wallpapers.

The site can be viewed in about 20 different languages as well.

Many of the recent discussions/questions concern Guild Wars 2 but there are questions about Skyrim and Panderia too.  If you know anything about those games head on over and see if you can help.

There are a couple of questions about using a  usb, questions about memory cards, and burning to disk as well. So if you have questions about a game, or if you think you might  have the answers to the questions, go check it out.


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