Remembering My Grandmother

Picture of my grandmother sitting in the yard.

My grandmother died one year ago today. It still seems weird that she isn’t here sometimes.

I went looking for pictures of her to post and I could only find a few on the computer. We have lots of pictures in the house but apparently even the last portraits with her in them didn’t get put on my computer.

Of course that picture doesn’t look as much like her as some of the ones we took here in the yard.

Like this one : Picture of my grandmother sitting in the yard.

I can’t remember how many times I saw her sitting in that lawn chair with her head back and her eyes closed like that.

She used to sit on the porch too or be out in the yard digging up flowers or clipping grass with her little hand clippers. She always loved to garden and when I was younger she had roses and other flowers as well as a vegetable garden.

When I was little they (her and my mom and aunt) would “put up” the vegetables each year.  They canned tomatoes and ocra and beets and other things. They also made preserves from the plums off of her plum tree.

She also had what she called a “money needle”. It was a metal detector and she was convinced she was going to find some hidden treasure someone had buried. We used to go out on weekends and stop by old abandoned houses and use the detector in the yards.  We found a lot of old stuff like spoons, horseshoes, farm implements, and even some coins…but no treasures.  We enjoyed it anyway though.

She loved flea markets and yard sales. She had so many nick-knacks and decorative items in her house you couldn’t hardly see the furniture.

And she loved her dogs. Those dogs had her wrapped around their little paws. She spoiled them rotten. But they loved her too. Followed her everywhere.

I miss her.


  1. My grandmother laso died 1 year ago and she also love yard sales. She has a very old sewing machine because when she was still strong she used to sew and quilt our skirt and blouses.

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