Computer Rebooting

It has been doing this for a few days now.

I have been trying to find the problem and fix it. Drivers have been updated. Java uninstalled and reinstalled.

Needless to say this has gotten me behind on my blogging and Facebook trolling. And everything else too. How could I possibly clean house when my computer needs fixing?!?

With all the updating and everything I think it is fixed. Will not be sure till tomorrow when it cold boots. If it isn’t fixed…I might consider that a sign that we should get a new computer.

Hopefully it is fixed well enough that I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. I have a few giveaway hops coming up in the next few days so I hope it will hold together that long.

Have you ever had a computer start rebooting? It only does it in the mornings when it is first turned on usually. It did sometimes freeze…it hasn’t done that any more today. So I hope it is fixed.

If you have any advice please post it in the comments. I need all the help I can get.

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  1. what anti-virus are you using? my brother repairs computers for a living after 20yrs in the army working on computers. he put avast on my laptop. 1st it identified my wifi hot spot as a virus and my brother had me do an exception. it was slow, re-booting, you name it. i uninstalled avast and installed avg instead. no more problems. avg also allows you to use their tune up once for free. i do’t work for avg. lol. but it fixed my problems.

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