How To Rule The World By Jade Heasley Review

How To Rule The World by Jade Heasley cover picture.

How To Rule The World by Jade Heasley cover picture.How To Rule The World by Jade Heasley is a pretty good read. I wasn’t sure at first that it was going to be interesting. During chapter two I really started liking the main character.

This is a very smart girl. Of course she is telling about her past in the book so you know she is all grown up but in the story she is telling she is only 19. A very mature 19 but still a teenager.

She is a reader too which is another thing I liked about her. And her family is really great. Her mom reminds me of my mom. And the town she grew up in sounds a lot like the one where I grew up.

She was lucky though…her town had a book store. And she got to work there!

This is not an action packed book. No one gets killed or kidnapped…it is about small town folks and how they get a huge joke played on them.

It is amusing and even funny in some spots. I liked it.

From the back cover :

When 19-year-old Wendy Sloane comes home from college in May to work in her family’s bookstore, she’s expecting a slow, predictable summer. After an unexpected event and the aftermath shake things up in her small town, Wendy is inspired to create some chaos of her own. With the help of her wise (and wisecracking) mom and grandpa, Wendy attempts to pull the biggest stunt her little town has ever seen. In her quest at attempting the impossible, Wendy discovers the power to rule the world.

At times insightful, at times hilarous, author Jade Heasley’s multi-faceted talent shines through like never before in this novel about the dreams, disillusionment, and ambitions of young adulthood.

About the Author :

Jade Heasley was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College and Lock Haven University. She has authored three previous books: The Incorrigible Dreamers, Bratty Becky and the Firecracker Kid, and 1980s Kid.

You can read Jade Heasleys Biography for more information or follow @JadeHeasley on Twitter and “like” AuthorJadeHeasley on Facebook.


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