ShaveWell Fog Free Shaving Mirror Review

Picture of a ShaveWell Fog Free Shaving Mirror.

Picture of a ShaveWell Fog Free Shaving Mirror.The ShaveWell company sent me a Fog Free Shaving Mirror to try out.

This is a small mirror that you stick on the wall of your shower with a little plactic hook that sticks to the wall.

You can buy packages of multiple hooks at several different stores if you want more than one. I like the hooks because you can use them for handing other things on them.

I put my wash cloth on there.  I wouldn’t mind having several different ones so I could move the mirror if I wanted to.

That might be useful because the lighting in our bathroom isn’t all that great in the shower area…as you can tell from the picture I took of the mirror.

If there is plenty  of light coming in the window having it under the shower head is fine but if it is cloudy or dark then it will work better on the other side. And if you have people that are not the same height using it…then one of them is gonna be unhappy if they can’t move it. Trust me on this!

The mirror works fine too. Just remember to warm it up in the water before you try using it. If the mirror is cold it will still get condensation  on it. It is only fog free if it is warmed up first as they tell you in the directions.

@shavewell can be found on Twitter and Facebook if you would like to follow them.

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