Turning Final A Life Complete By Jim Reed Review

Turning Final A Life Complete By Jim Reed cover picture.

Turning Final A Life Complete By Jim Reed cover picture.This is a pretty good book. Especially for history buffs or anyone interested in flying. Or the history of flying too.

This man went into the Air Force back in 1952 and the stories he tells have a lot to do with that and flying in general. There are also stories about boating and other adventures.

I liked the bit at the beginning where he just tells short memories of his childhood back in the ’30s and ’40s. He remembers when those old horse drawn wagons used to deliver ice. There are not so many folks alive these days who remember those times.

I used to love to listen to my great grandmother and my grandmother talk about what they remembered from their childhoods. This book made me feel sort of the same way.

It is easy to read and went pretty quickly. It has a lot of pictures in it too especially of airplanes. I liked it.

About the author – From the back cover :

Jim Reed has had a life of diverse adventure. From sending U-2’s to the North Pole, retrieving missiles in the open ocean, and a flying career that spanned the world, he has done just about everything that you could pack into one lifetime. “Turning Final” captures those adventures and shares it with all of us who dream of meeting exciting challenges. This story is about a real life pilot/sailor who accomplished things that most people only dream about while at the same time he and his lovely wife raised a family of four boys. His life truly spans the world.

Visit the Turning Final website or Facebook page for more information. You can follow @AdventureMan33 on Twitter too.

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