4 Ingredient Yogurt Pie – Diabetic Friendly

Easy 4 ingredient yogurt pie which is diabetic friendly.

Diabetics run rapid in our family. Diabetes is not a disease to really mess around with and most of my family takes this pretty serious, however, they do know that you can splurge once in awhile. All in moderation right? Diabetic or not this is a good motto to live by.

My Grammy made yogurt pie for every family function because it was a safe dessert for her to eat along with plenty of others around the table. With over 40 people gathered for a Friday night dinner we were guaranteed to have at least 5 diabetics present.

To make yogurt pie diabetic friendly sub out full sugar jello, yogurt and cool whip for sugar free versions. Perfecto (is that really a word? It is in my life) you have a diabetic friendly dessert that took minutes to make and doesn’t require special ingredients.

Coulter enjoying his yogurt pie

My favorite flavor is strawberry banana so that is what I have used below. However you can make this pie work with any jello/yogurt combination. My uncle’s favorite flavor is lime. Think Key Lime pie made simple. My brothers favorite flavor is raspberry and my oldest son’s is orange. The combinations are really endless with the amount of yogurt and jello flavors you can combine.

The Cast Of Yogurt Pie

1 3 oz box of strawberry banana jello powder
1 6 oz strawberry banana yogurt
1 8 oz of cool whip (this is equal to a small tub of cool whip)
1 10 inch pre-made graham cracker crust or make your own

The Directions

1. Combine jello, yogurt and cool whip. Mix well.

Ingreidents for yogurt pie mix

2. Fill graham cracker crust with strawberry banana mixture and freeze for a minimum 30 minutes.

This is a great pie because you can make in advance of a party or get together. It can be frozen for up to a week or more if needed. Pull your yogurt pie out of the freezer 45 – 60 minutes before you serve. Add a little whip cream and some sweetened strawberries for decoration and your guests will be wowed.

About The Author Of 4 Ingredient Creamy Yogurt Pie

Brandy blogs over at Giveaway Blogdom (soon to be a Farmer’s Wife Rambles). She loves reading, cooking and chasing her two boys around the house.

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