An 87th Birthday Party

Picture of the word Happy.

Picture of the word Happy. My father-in-law is celebrating his 87th birthday this weekend.

Some of his kids and their spouses are coming down from Michigan and some are coming up from down south. I’m not sure where…I know I was told but I keep forgetting.

So it is sort of a family reunion as well as a birthday party.

It is a very special one too since he apparently didn’t expect to make it so long. He told us a couple of weeks ago that if he made it to his birthday he would have lived a week longer than his mother did.

He has diabetes but from what I have seen he keeps it well under control and seems to be in great shape. He has a hearing problem but his mind is still all there…or mostly. I have heard that my brother-in-law manages to win a few of the chess games these days so there might be a bit of deterioration.

My hubby says he sister was complaining about coming down sick…and since the flu is still going around…I hope everyone makes its ok.

That goes for you guys too. I hear a few of you are dealing with the flu this past week. Here is hoping that everyone recovers quickly and has a great weekend!


    1. Well he had a great party Sunday. There were a lot of his kids and even one of his brothers there. He seemed to really enjoy it.

    1. So do I. But only if it means feeling better than I do now. I have the flu and feel like crap. Feeling like this for 20 years would really suck.

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