The Best Laid Plans

Daily Planner.

Do as the poet said, “Gang aft agley”. I had intended to get several post written today. One to publish today and some for later.

Did any of them get done? Nope. Not a one. I finally did manage to drag myself in here to post this.

It is amazing how much having a man around the house can change your plans.Daily Planner.

He is feeling a lot better. So he isn’t wanting to lay around in the recliner all day but he isn’t up to heavy lifting or anything like that.

I love having him around but I have to admit I’ll be glad when he can get out and do his regular things again.

Then maybe I’ll get caught up on all my blogging and figure out my plans for the year…

Once I get my plans made I can start working on my procrastination skills again. Can’t do that till I have a plan!


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