Going Barefoot In The Winter

Picture of bare feet.

Picture of bare feet.Is not too smart. If you have any choice anyway.

I made that mistake this morning. My hubby says it is below freezing. I can tell you the ground is cold!

I went out there with no shoes because he was feeding the dogs and one of them was trying to steal the food from the other one. I think she must be stealing from other dogs around here too…she is getting fat.

Anyway I went out to pull her away from the food. I didn’t have be out there very long but in that short time my feet got really cold. It actually hurt.

I haven’t been outside without shoes on in so long it is hard to remember when that was. Kids used to run around barefoot all summer when I was little. Not in the winter though.

And now I’m really SURE those tales about walking a mile to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways were just to make us feel spoiled.

I really feel sorry for any homeless folks out there right now. Especially the ones with no shoes. And those in the north must really be hurting. If it that bad down here in the south the cold up there really bites.

Those of you who can…keep your shoes on! And stay warm.


  1. That seems very cold. Going out in the winter without slippers are quiet cool. By the way it is nice to go out in the winter with you barefoot.

    1. Oh yea that is the case with my place too most of the time lately. I usually wear socks at least inside. I didn’t have any on going outside because I just go out of bed and hadn’t woke up enough to get dressed…or have any sense.

  2. I heard so many of those stories too! I wore flip flops the other day for my daughter’s Beach Party {yes, in the middle of January} and my feet FROZE for just the little time I was outside!

  3. I must admit, I am one of those people who walk around barefoot all of the time. I live in Cleveland and believe me, it is cold and if my socks go on the family knows it is exceptionally cold :)

  4. I went to college in Boone, NC and it is so cold there in the winter. One day we got a huge blizzard and I was wearing those plastic rain boots. They have like no insulation and my feet were hurting so bad. I thought I was getting frostbit. When they finally started thawing, it hurt so bad I started crying. I will never forget that. I have never worn those boots since then. I feel so sorry for those without shoes or even those that have shoes but they aren’t good for the weather.


  5. A few mornings ago, I checked our weather. It was 10 degrees, with a windchill of negative 9. Immediately I thought of the homeless population in our community. My husband said that the local police know where the bulk of the homeless community gathers, and they pick them up and bring them to the police station or a local shelter. It’s so sad to think about that. Especially when I have so many pairs of socks – and so many extra winter coats.

  6. I love going barefoot in the summer but not in the winter! Way too cold! It sounds like you went out for a good cause though :)

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