Practice Makes Perfect?

Pickture of someone playing piano.

Pickture of someone playing piano.

People always tell you to practice whatever you want to be good at. That practice makes perfect!

However I once read somewhere that”practice without correction just makes you perfectly wrong”.

So I guess that means if I practice doing the housework wrong I’ll get really good at doing it wrong. I think the person who said that was actually talking about sports though. Or maybe playing an instrument.

I’m pretty sure that if you practice swinging a golf club wrong you will just get better at swinging it wrong…you game won’t improve at all.

I’m hoping that I haven’t been practicing writing wrong. Because it has been almost 2 years now and I hope I’m getting better at it.

I’m better at writing a lot of words anyway. Whether all those words are any better at getting idea across…dunno for sure.

When I first starting blogging almost two years ago I could barely string 50 words together and I thought that was something! These days I sometimes manage to write well over 300 words all by myself!

Of course if it really takes 10,000 hours to master a skill….then there are still about 7000 hours left to go.

That’s a lot more writing to do. Maybe by that time I’ll be ready to write that book my hubby keeps telling me I need to write. He hasn’t told me what it should be about yet though…




  1. Honestly, I have very little patience for anything these days. I have to make a serious effort to not multitask and just listen and learn

  2. I really like how you write. That may seem to be coming out of no where – but I think that your husband really has something there. :) I was reading this and thinking ‘wow’ – because I like how you worded everything. I know what you mean – I have been writing so much, I mean non-academically, but hopefully I’m not getting it all wrong. In university I could at least know if I was getting it right with marks/grades.

    1. Yea! I got good grades on all my papers back then but here it is hard to tell really…unless someone points out something wrong…or right.

      I’m glad you like what I write. And thank you very much for telling me!

      I think you are doing pretty danged good too. Especially on the nice comments :p

  3. Practice does make perfect no matter what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Whether it be music, writing or just making a relationship work! It all takes time and it all takes practice.

  4. I love the “practice without correction just makes you perfectly wrong.” BECAUSE it is true. I play the violin and I can practice the same song everyday and if even one night is wrong, then I have to start over and do it right. And once I’ve practiced it for a week and doing it wrong, it takes two weeks to fix it.

    I think the same thing can be applied to writing. I type super fast and that that took practice. But I still mess up. I still find a lot of typos. So maybe I shouldn’t have been practicing speed but practicing accuracy.

    Anyway, awesome post!

    ~Konstanz Silverbow

  5. I used to say something like this when I coached cheerleading – “Practice makes permanent.” If you keep doing it wrong you will always do it wrong.

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