Cleaning An Old BBQ Grill

An old bbq grill.

My mother-in-law is getting ready for spring. One of the things she has done is get a new BBQ Grill.

Her old grill was on her back porch. It has gotten quite a bit of use. It doesn’t look like anyone cleaned it after using it either.

In order to make room for the new one she gave us the old one.An old bbq grill.

It needs to be cleaned before we do anything with it. My hubby sprayed it with all purpose cleaner but that is all so far.

I think we will have to use oven cleaner on the inside bits. I haven’t ever had to clean a bbq that had cooked on food on it before.

The old charcoal one we had only the one grill area to be cleaned and that got cleaned every time it was used. It doesn’t look like ANY part of this one has been cleaned since it was bought.

I’m thinking an hour or two with oven cleaner and then wipe it off good…and maybe paint the front of it.

What do you think?

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