Recovering From An Illness


It gets harder as you get older. Or so it seems to me. I don’t remember ever taking this long to get over being sick before.

Then again maybe I just don’t remember. My memory isn’t what it used to be either!

I think it really is taking longer to get better. It has been over a week now since the really bad part. Most of the coughing is gone and I haven’t had a fever in a week.

But I start getting sleepy after I’ve been up for a bit and it doesn’t take much before I have to sit down and rest.

And my mind seems to tire easy too. I can’t concentrate very long.

It is getting better every day though. I figure at this rate it will be another week or so before I’m back to normal. I hope it won’t be longer than that.

I miss my blog. I miss visiting other blogs and seeing whats going on everywhere else.

On the bright side…daffodils are blooming here already! Spring is coming…soon!

photo credit: code poet via photopin cc


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Sounds like we have the same illness I started getting sick Christmas Eve. I’m on antibiotics and breathing treatments but I feel worse today than yesterday. Fell asleep at 10pm last night and woke up at 7pm tonight. Still have sweats and chills. Ready to be done with this.

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