Climb On!® Lip Tube And Creme Review

Climb On Products.

Climb On Products.I got the chance to try out some Climb On!® products a while back.

I was really interested in the lip balm as I am always in need of that during the cold winter months. It seems like I go through the entire winter with chapped lips.

Sometimes my cheeks and chin get chapped too. You can put this on those as well if you didn’t already know this.

And my mom uses lip balms on her fingernails. It works!

I really like the Climb On!® Lip Tube! It goes on smooth and stays for a while. It has peppermint essential oil in it that gives you a nice cool feeling when you apply it. And it smells nice!

The Lip Tube also contains beeswax and Shea butter as well as a few other oils.

The creme is also good. It is thick and rubs on easy. It feels good on cold dry hands. Or dishwater hands.

Of course you can use it on other parts of your body too. The company says it is good for blisters, sunburns, rashes and other things too.

It is especially good for people involved in sports that need to keep exposed skin protected.

One thing I really like about these products is that they are chemical free and contain biodegradable food grade ingredients.

If you are looking for a new lip balm or creme to try then check these out.

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